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Why choose meth clear ?

  1. Meth Clear utilizes Niosh 9111 Methods and maintains all Niosh standards.
  2. Meth Clear technicians are highly qualified and trained in the latest sampling techniques to ensure our clients properties are correctly tested and decontaminated to standard.
  3. Meth Clear is a professional company specializing in testing and decontamination throughout Australia.
  4. Meth Clear utilizes independent and highly trained decontamination  teams to re-mediate Methamphetamine affected property’s/cars. This ensure no conflict of interest can occur between testers and decontamination.
  5. Meth Clear consults regularly with police, Lab & Meth manufacturing experts to keep up to date with the latest chemicals and cooking techniques to understand the best approach  to test & decontaminate property’s/cars.


Meth Clear has recently seen an explosion of Meth related symptoms being reported by new tenants around Australia (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Canbera). The new tenants are moving into property’s untested for Meth, then immediately feeling Nausea, headaches, eye, throat or nose irritation, itchy skin, fatigue, shortness of breath or kids acting extra hyper (meth related symptoms). Than testing the property only to find it is Meth Contaminated.

Under section 185 of the Residential Tenancy and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008, the owner/property manager must provide a safe environment for a tenant. As Meth contamination over 0.5µg/100cm₂ is deemed unsafe, this is a breach of the 2008 Act.

Due to this breach, Real-estate Agencies are paying out thousands to relocate the tenant while decontamination takes place, or complete relocation for the tenant to a new property including moving costs and full bond refund.

Sales agents are selling houses (unknowingly) around Australia that are Meth contaminated and the new owners are again feeling Meth related symptoms (nausea, headaches, eye, throat or nose irritation, itchy skin, fatigue, shortness of breath or kids acting extra hyper), or they lease the property to tenant as an investment property and the tenant are feeling the symptoms. The new owners/tenants are then unable to live in the property until decontamination occurs. This courses major issues between owner and agent, tarnishing the agents name for not fulling knowing any issues relating to the safety of the property they are selling.

Meth Clear’s Passion is to combat the Meth crises within Australia and eliminate these issues for home owners, tenants, property managers and sales agents.

In Queensland, chemical contamination from a meth lab site is deemed a public health risk. . . .