• Checklist for buying a new home

Checklist for buying a new home

Buying a new house is a big decision, and so it comes with multiple dos and don’ts. Here is a checklist to
ensure that you buy the right property.

You don't have to own your home
There is an underlying question of whether owning a home really makes sense for your particular
position. Some people would suggest that paying rent is throwing money away, but there are a range of
benefits to renting, particularly if you move around a lot.

Take the effort to sniff out any issues with the property
Smell for unusual odors. Thump on dividers to check whether they sound empty. Open the dryer and
the dishwasher to be sure whether bugs are living in there. Does the can flush appropriately? Does the
warming/cooling work? Is the vent working over the chimney? Is the water weight, alright?

Look for meth contamination
Another important thing to consider. There could be meth residue in your house, which may not only
affect your health but can also make you land into legal trouble. Better safe than sorry. Even if you have
the slightest suspicion of this drug, make sure that you get your property tested for Meth
Decontamination in Perth.

Use your head not heart
Don’t get emotionally attached to a home or jump into the decision to purchase a property. Don’t be
shy to leave an awful arrangement. There will be many more properties, possibly better ones. Keep in
mind this is a money related exchange and that your terms and expectations must be met.

Be a good bargainer
You can utilize an agent to do the bargaining for you, yet you can't make certain how hard they will push
for you. As a purchaser, you should feel in charge and as if you don't have anything to lose through
strong arrangement.
Hope these tips help.