• Hazards of Living in Meth contaminated property

Hazards of Living in Meth contaminated property

We all know that continuous exposure to meth can be harmful to our brain, but you’ll be surprised to know that there can more devastating neurological consequences as well. The clandestine manufacture of meth leads to formation of vapors. These vapors clings on surfaces such as carpets, curtains, furniture and walls, resulting in chemical contamination of homes. When exposed, these chemicals prove injurious to individuals who comes in contact with them.  Buyers/tenants therefore need to perform meth residue testing before relocating to a new house.

People living in such houses which were ‘formerly used as a meth lab’ or ‘was a residence to meth blower’ can experience serious diseases, involving liver, kidney and lung disorders. The most frequent health issues perceived among Australians are dizziness, fatigue, nausea, headache and breathing trouble.

Touching surfaces or things contaminated with meth can divulge your skin to harmful chemicals. Babies and children are most vulnerable to these toxins. Even a small amount of meth can prove dangerous to your baby. The residue accommodated on walls due to previous use or manufacture can inject the drug methamphetamine into your lungs, causing you to suffer from breathing difficulty and sinus problems. This effect is termed as third hand meth exposure. Tenants are therefore suggested to perform meth testing for rental property.

Apart from these, people can also experience abnormal symptoms of cold and flu, which persists longer than expected. Prolonged exposure to meth pollution also encourages a number of health hazards, including risks of cancer, Nervous tremors, Pregnancy complications and reproductive problems.

Unfortunately, the meth contamination problem will continue to arise when purchasing a property. One needs to be aware with the potential risks involved, especially when the house was used as a rental previously. If you’re uncertain whether your home is meth infected or not, call ‘MethClear’ today at 1300 230 930 to discuss meth residue testing and decontamination.