• Meth Decontamination, Cleaning, and Restoration testing Australia

Properties contaminated from former meth labs are rising in number all across Australia. The chemical
residues that are left behind are highly toxic and can lead to serious health effects, in worst cases, even
death. Meth Clear Australia is a leading service provider in the area of meth decontamination in Perth as
well as other parts of Australia.
What do we offer?
Meth lab decontamination
Our trained, experienced, and professional Meth Lab Decontamination experts assist property owners
to clean up and restore a property affected by a meth lab.
Meth rehabilitation process

Meth decontamination in Perth

The first, most vital step for the meth lab rehabilitation process includes contacting a licensed, qualified,
and professional decontamination contractors or service, like Meth Clear. Our team comprises of
trained experts who are well-versed in dealing with hazardous material and are highly experience in
evaluating the properties and decontaminate meth labs.
Meth lab testing
Meth Clear provides property owners – a pre as well as post meth lab forensic test results. A pre forensic
meth testing can considerably reduce the cost of the remediation process by pointing out only
contaminated areas. It enables property owners to discard any furnishings or materials that have been
contaminated and need to be cleaned.
Why should you decontaminate with Meth Clear?

 Highly trained staff
 Take well care of speed and discretion
 Concerned for your health and safety
 Independent technicians to ensure the remediation in a discreet manner
For any assistance in meth decontamination, cleaning and restoration testing Australia, Sydney,
Melbourne, Perth or Gold Coast; get associated with Meth Clear, and we are ready to serve you in every
possible way. Contact us at 1300 230 930 or drop an email at info@methclear.net.au.