• Meth Decontamination

Meth Clear does not perform Meth decontamination services

Meth clear only performs meth testing and meth screening  for properties and vehicles.

Meth contamination is on the rise

The amount of Meth use and manufacture discovered in Australia deviates each year however, Meth is now Australia’s no. 1 drug of choice.

Meth affected house’s are rises every year, along with growth in Meth use.

Meth Clear is prepared for this growth in affected houses/cars via frequently training and consulting with police, lab & Meth manufacturing experts to combat the rising Meth contamination crises.

Dr. Patrick Luedtke

“Many of the chemicals from both meth production and meth use are absorb-able through the skin, A baby crawling on the floor could potentially ingest enough to get high”

This is highly disturbing and highlights how potentially damaging a Meth affected house/cars can be to a human, especially children who are more susceptible.

The Decontamination Process

A meth contaminated property within Australia requires the decontamination to be carried out by a certified Meth decontamination technician. Meth Clear does not advise a unqualified cleaner or general homer owner to undertake this task, as Professional decontamination company’s have had to go in after the attempt of an unqualified person and further decontaminate the property/car costing the owner additional money in Decontamination and validation testing. It s best to leave it to the professionals and only pay once, rather than 2 and 3 times.

Furthermore, the Department of Health (DOH) recommends only using qualified/trained personal.

Meth Clear guarantees all services performed either by Meth Clear testers or independent decontaminates.

General Areas Meth Affected


Manufacturing Meth in Australia is generally associated with areas such as  kitchens, garages, laundry’s or bathrooms.

Meth use is generally associated with areas of relaxation such as, bedrooms, lounge rooms, garages & toilets.


Stolen cars have an heavy association with Meth use and boot Meth labs such as  ‘shake and bake’ style Meth manufacture.

Generally affected areas associated with Meth use are the cars dash board, driver quarter rail, passenger quarter rail, rear driver quarter rail, rear passenger quarter rail.

Generally affected areas associated with Meth manufacture or labs are the cars boot.