• Fully Qualified & Licensed Meth residue Testing

Meth Clear is a well-known name in the field of meth residue testing Gold Coast and other parts of
Australia. We assist clients ranging from property owners, real estate agents, local councils, insurance
companies to tenants, and individuals, anyone who want to ensure their existing or potential properties
free from harmful meth residues.

Meth residue testing gold coast

Though home test kits are available to identify a full range of drug residue, for decontamination and
rehabilitation in a discreet manner, you may need the assistance of a meth residue testing company.
At Meth Clear, we are proud of being a team of skilled, trained, and highly experienced experts.
Over the years, our team has gained a thorough understanding of the dangers that arise from meth labs
in Australian properties. Our highly trained technicians guarantee 100% clearance on every property we
decontaminate. Every property is treated uniquely by us. We ensure that we decontaminate and
restore the property with joint cooperation with industry experts from local law enforcement, councils,
scientific labs, EPA, and insurance companies.We provide you best meth residue testing gold coast.
What can you expect from our services?
Onsite survey and inspection
This preliminary step will include an assessment of your property and singling out the affected areas.
The remediation plan will commence with the description of the property – layout, size, location of the
affected areas, interior surface, etc.
Pre forensic test

This step confirms the condition before the remediation process. In addition, it ensures the well being
and safety of a person working on site along with remediation cost.
Remediation process
A safe and hazard-free plan is implemented to remediate the affected areas. It includes removing and
disposing of any biohazard material safely, treating all contaminated, internal surfaces, walls, floor, and
Post forensic testing and report
This step is crucial to establish whether the property has been remediated to a safe, bio-hazard, and
meth-free state in accordance with Australian standards.
If you have concerns about meth decontamination or meth residue Melbourne, do not hesitate to give
us a call on 1300 230 930 or drop an email at info@methclear.net.au.