• Australia’s No.1 Meth Screening Service Provider

Meth Clear is the nationwide Australian leader in meth residue testing and education. At
Meth Clear, we take pride being Australia’s no. 1 meth screening residue testing
company, serving to all metro as well as regional areas across Australia including Meth
Screening Sydney, Meth Screening Brisbane, Meth Screening Melbourne, Meth
Screening Perth & Adelaide.
At Meth Clear, our risk management and meth testing services assist everyone who is
looking for homeowners, real estate agents, renters, and investors as we understand
the risks associated with living in a meth contaminated property. Most importantly, we
allow our clients to make better-informed decisions, saving our money and heartache.
Australia has one of the highest numbers of meth users per capita in the Western world,
with the numbers continually rising. The number of meth labs and meth-contaminated
properties is multiplying every year. While the production of meth is, of course, a huge
concern; the uncovered contaminated properties is another pressing issue. Strikingly,
regular smoking of meth in a property can result in levels of high contamination as those
found after production.

Meth Screening Melbourne

You may be one of the tenants who has been unknowingly living in a property
contaminated from former meth labs. The chemical residues that are left behind are
toxic and can lead to serious, long-lasting health effects and even death. Meth Clear
Australia is a well-known service – providing post-lab testing and meth lab cleaning

services throughout Australia. Our team of cleaning technicians is available to discuss
any meth lab testing and clean up services you may require.
Meth Clear only utilizes independent highly trained Meth decontaminates
within Australia (Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Adelaide,
Meth Screening Melbourne Melbourne, Sydney, Perth), Negating any conflict of interest between the testing and
decontamination techs.
Speed and discretion are what Meth Clear takes pride in, not only from a health and
safety perspective; our independent technicians will always work to ensure the meth
contamination is re-mediated in an as discreet as possible manner.
Do you need assistance for meth decontamination service? Contact Us at 1300 230 930
or drop an email at info@methclear.net.au