• Meth testing company

Once a property is contaminated, only specialized decontamination methods can clean away and
neutralize meth residues effectively in order to bring the property back to a habitable level. Meth Clear
is a leading name in the field of reliable Meth testing in Australia.

Meth testing in Brisbane

What made us stand out among other remediation companies? The fact that we stay completely
unbiased and discreet in our testing processes and the information we provide to our clients. To
maintain full fairness from decontamination companies and practices, Meth Clear does not make any
decontamination recommendations.
At Meth Clear, we offer a world-class service to our clients on the following basis:
• To ensure the health and safety of every person working onsite both before as well as during the
remediation process
• To meet sampling requirements needed by property owners be it a personal or commercial site
• To help quantify remediation costs
At Meth Clear, we have a group of trained and experienced technicians who offer independent and
professional on-site Meth testing and services for Melbourne properties.
Why should you choose us?
 Have technicians who are trained in the process of correct chemical sampling
 Offer a professional, fast and discreet sampling service
 Use a NATA accredited laboratory to carry out our forensic analysis,
 Affordable rates
 Will provide you with a comprehensive written report of your property’s results

 Can offer quality suggestions and guidance throughout the whole testing or re-testing process to
ensure you have absolute peace of mind.
 Our growing network of experienced and trained Meth Lab remediation specialists service the
whole of Australia.
We can provide support and remediation services to all metro and regional areas. If you require
assistance with Meth Testing in Brisbane Gold Coast, Sydneyor anywhere throughout Australia, do not
hesitate to get associated with us. Meth test kits can be purchased over the phone and provide an
instant positive or negative reading.
Contact us for an obligation-free chat 24/7 or call us at 1300 230 930. Drop an email at