• Frank and Marry Campbell

Frank and Marry Campbell

I brought an invest property and a young couple soon moved in. They soon began telling the real-estate agent that they were very unwell and only feeling that way when they were at the property. After some complaints and their request (luckily, as I had no idea of meth contamination), I agreed to test the property for Meth Contamination. I engaged Meth Clear and was highly impressed with their extensive knowledge and professionalism.
Meth Clear promptly dispatched a tech and tested the property providing me with a full report and call me to explain the what exactly the report meant. To my surprise my investment property was highly contaminated. Meth Clear than provided me with independent cleaners to decontaminate the property quickly allowing me to have the tenants back in the rental property within a week to continue receiving rent to cover the mortgage. (Highly surprised that Meth Contamination is a problem) I now get Meth Clear to test all my property’s upon purchasing.