• Meth Testing Options

Base Composite

A Base Comp is for a situation where a property has no previous history of Meth use or manufacture. This test is used to provide piece of mind and is best suited between tenancy’s or in a case where the property manager suspects Meth use or manufacture is occurring at the property.
Base Comps is also well suited to testing stolen cars. Police suggest Meth use is regularly associated with stolen cars
A Base Comps results will provide an average for the property, be it under or over the safe level of 0.5µg/100cm2. If it is over 0.5µg further testing (Detailed Forensic) will be required to know what areas are over the safe level and require decontamination.

Lab Composite

A Lab Composite is generally used when the property has history, or the client has information regarding Meth use or Manufacture. 
Testing utilizing a Lab Comp, the Lab can get an average for the property (similar to a Base Comp), however if the test returns higher than 0.5µg/100cm2 individual sampling can be retaken from the original Lab Comp samples to establish the areas that require decontamination, without the technician needing to go back to the property to retest (as in the case of a Base comp).
The advantage over a Base Comp is the time and money factor involved in a quick remediation plan.

Detailed Forensic

A Detailed Forensic test is the best and quickest method for meth testing of a Meth contaminated property, as a Detailed Forensic quickly and accurately  ascertains which areas require decontamination, through  individual samples. 
The Property at this point is deemed unsafe and safety precautions must be taken by the technicians. A Detailed Forensic is required when a Base Comp has returned a higher Meth contamination level than 0.5µg/100cm2. 
A Detailed Forensic is also required for Validation Testing post decontamination.
The advantage over a lab Comp is again the time and money factor involved in the quickest remediation plan, a Detailed Forensic is the quickest service  from testing to decontamination.