• ‘MethClear’ – Best Meth residue testing services in Australia

‘MethClear’ – Best Meth residue testing services in Australia

Who knows whether your new home was once residence to a ‘shake’ n ‘bake’ user or a high-capacity meth lab? It might that the former tenant trying different meth recipes in your home making it highly toxic. Landlords usually don’t reveal such information to avoid loss of revenue. As a result, many Australians unwittingly purchase homes or rent apartments that are contaminated. However you don’t want to end up living in a home where meth was cooked up.

The meth making process involves dangerous chemicals and reactants. These might get absorbed in Walls, Carpets; couches and can remain on the surface for months or years, causing serious health problems.


So, no matter what type of home you buy or rent, a meth residue testing is of utmost importance to protect your family from the thriving threat. Especially when you’re getting a ‘too-good-to-be-true’ deal.


Our Meth testing services:


We offer a range of Meth testing and decontamination services across Australia. These services includes detailed meth screenings consisting both, visual inspection and laboratory sampling.


  • Photographic documentation of property or site.
  • Inspection of hazardous chemical storage areas, water disposal areas, etc.
  • Meth testing of rental properties.
  • Testing of surfaces such as walls, furnishings and appliances.
  • Inspection of ventilation ducts, ceilings, filters.
  • Plumbing, tanks, drain and sewer systems.
  • Meth residue testing of adjacent area.


Meth pollution is a threating issue for homeowners, tenants, purchasers and real estate professionals. At MethClear, we collect the hard samples from the drug testing properties. Further these samples are sent to our certified labs, on which a detailed analysis of your building is prepared. If Contamination persists, our experts work with you to create an action plan to decontaminate your property.


Not sure whether your place of living is a busted meth lab? Or you are considering to buy a home that may once have housed a meth addict? Call us at 1300 230 930 today and ensure peace of mind with our best meth residue testing services.